It’s time to relax, my friend!

Do you often find yourself working with your keyboard and mouse continuously for many hours? There are many things you can do to avoid eye strain and hand/wrist pain.

Besides the possible ergonomic (table/chair/light) rearrangements, one must consider relaxing for a few seconds every now and then, when the workload reaches a high limit.

For this task, there is a very useful utility, called RSIBreak, which monitors the time and speed a user is working with the keyboard and mouse and, when it’s necessary, recommends a short break. Additionally, in case the user didn’t “obey” this advice, it can force her to obey by disabling temporarily the user interface (keyboard/screen)!

Personally, I find it very valuable and, some times, I found myself looking at the small clock icon at the tray with the fear that it will prompt me to relax before I complete whatever I’m writing that moment. [Don’t worry though… for situations like this, the developers included the use of the “Escape” key!]

Think about it…
a short break helps the mind too!

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