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After upgrading KUbuntu 7.04 to 7.10 some days ago, I noticed that my ~/.bashrc startup file stopped running when I opened a new terminal, be it konsole, xterm or (my favorite) gnome-terminal!

Today I decided to debug this strange behavior to find what was wrong…

I started my research by inserting a line at the start of /etc/bash.bashrc:

echo running /etc/bash.bashrc

and I noticed that it was displayed twice when I was starting a new terminal. Then I looked into my ~/.bashrc file (which was working as it should before the upgrade) and found these 3 lines:

if [ -f /etc/bash.bashrc ]; then
. /etc/bash.bashrc

After commenting out these lines, everything worked as expected again and I reinstated the original /etc/bash.bashrc file (without the debugging echo command).

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No more ~/.bashrc running?

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