I don’t like you any more, ScribeFire!


Today I uninstalled the ScribeFire addon for Firefox because I was not happy by its performance.

Don’t get me wrong… I ‘ve used it as an offline blog post editor for more than a year and, I have to say that, it has some very useful features and I recommend it to anyone, who needs this functionality, to try it since it’s in constant development with new versions appearing almost any month.

But, since it was not as WYSIWYG as I thought (at least when cooperating with Blogger), I decided to not use it anymore. Maybe it’s Blogger, maybe it’s ScribeFire, I can’t say for sure… the fact is that my latest post (on another blog) didn’t appeared the same way when I published it to Blogger, so I had to open it again with Blogger’s editor to correct it.

I ‘d like to use such an offline editor, so I can post from the convenience of my browser, keep my notes and references for later use, be able to post to and interact with more than one blogs. In the past, I ‘ve used many alternative solutions and I thought my search was over with ScribeFire. But, if I have to check that everything is OK every time (and most times to edit again the posts), then I’m not content.

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