3D: Desktop Describing Day


Our desktops are (like) our offices, right?
Well, not for me friends!

Although my 3D (i.e. real life) office is rather messy (at least for other people, not for me of course), my computer desktop is rather simple.

I work usually with my laptop, as most people do these days, and, since I’m rather a CLI person, I like it ‘naked’. I’m using XFCE as my window manager with 2 virtual desktops (featuring a dark, mostly black, photo from my favorite tv-show as a background picture and only 4 icons which I rarely open) and its tray sitting on the lower right corner with a bottom-up direction.

This tray contains (bottom -> up): battery readings, time/date, gwibber, RSIBreak, the sound applet and the open applications bar.

I have only two windows open all the time: xfce4-terminal (with at least 3 open tabs) and Firefox (with 2+ open tabs). Of course, when needed, I may open OpenOffice.org or some other windows, but usually I work with just these two.

Don’t worry about underusing my laptop; it’s actually a full LAMP server, working 24/7 and serving 4 web sites (for now).

You may find this arrangement rather minimalistic, but I find it very work-oriented and I prefer it from a more complicated one.

So, what is your desktop like?

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