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I don’t like focus-stealing applications (and I bet that I’m not the only one)! They are like kids who are struggling for your attention while you ‘re working with something else, constantly interrupting your thoughts and work flow.

Is it so difficult for the developers to take this thing into consideration?
Come on people, don’t you get annoyed when you are developing _and_ testing these applications?

An example:
I started using FriendFeed’s desktop application, which notifies me when something occurs in my friends streams. It’s a well designed application, taking very little area in my desktop, except when there are new bubble-notifications. Then, whatever I’m doing I have to stop, because little bubbles start popping up while, at the same time, becoming the top-level window (thus stealing my keystrokes)! Usually, if I’m in the middle of something important I end up unloading this little ghost!

I strongly believe that tray-located applications must be as transparent as they can be. They are there to work silently and (probably) notify the user, but without interrupting the work she’s doing, otherwise they are not useful but distracting.

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Focus-stealing applications

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