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Google has announced recently the option to search the web via an encrypted, secure channel. For Firefox, this can be accomplished by making some changes, like the following:

  • in a new tab, open “about:config” and search for “” (search box is located at the top of the tab area). You ‘ll find “keyword.URL” setting and you can change its value by double-clicking on it. Just add “s” after “http”.
  • open bookmarks by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B and search for “ q=” (search box is located at the upper right corner of the window). At first, you can eliminate all duplicates (as I did), then change all “http” occurrences to “https”

For Google Toolbar users, I believe there will be an update very soon.

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3 Replies to “Google secure search with Firefox”

  1. Just by changing keyword.URL, search through Search box doesn't go to https:// ..

    I changed keyword.URL, but I don't see any bookmarks window coming up by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O. I tried the 'Organize Bookmarks…' (Ctrl+Shift+B) : searched for…. I don't have such a bookmark.

    Does this require any other plugin/configuration ? (and oh.. this is Firefox 3.6.3)

  2. Hi koina and thanks for your remarks. I'm using also Firefox 3.6.3, albeit the Greek version (which led to the shortcut problem you are mentioning).

    keyword.URL is the URL Firefox uses for searching a keyword or phrase it doesn't recognize, if you use the location bar. For more information on this, you can go here.

    As for the bookmarks shortcut, you are right. Ctrl+Shift+O is probably the Ctrl+Shift+B equivalent for the Greek version of Firefox I'm using, though I don't know the reason for this change. If you don't have any similar bookmark, don't worry.

    Finally, I didn't specifically mentioned Search bar, as it required more specialized moves (through an xterm, I mean). On the other hand, if you use Google toolbar it may have replaced the original Search bar, so you can just wait until it updates.

  3. Okay.. searching from location bar worked .

    I was under the impression that this property changes the URL used by Google 'Search Provider' box at right top.

    Thanks for the tip !

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