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During the last three days I had the opportunity to ‘discover’ some utilities I didn’t know before and with this post I want to write down their names and some notes.

These are the following:

  • gron [=grep JSON]
    of course there is jq [command-line JSON processor], but this one is much easier for simple searching and/or cleaning/organizing JSON files. It works in the opposite direction too.
  • recoll
    indexes and provides a full text search form for various document types: txt, html, *Office, pdf, rtf, maildir, mailbox, etc.
  • pqiv
    small and fast image viewer with features
  • ngrok
    creates tunnels for specified ports to localhost to test from outside network
  • bpython
    fancy interface to the Python 2/3 interpreter [not tested yet]
Some utilities I’ve found lately
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