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Yet another list of RSS feed readers

So, Google Reader is closing down its services tomorrow and the vast majority of its users have already chosen their next reader for their RSS feeds, since many bloggers and news sites have written about the alternatives.

Think like a virus!

Not related to L.A.M.P. technologies, but a useful quote to remember if you are a net admin: As a network administrator, you have to think like a virus.How can I get into a network?Which points are the most vulnerable?Once in,

Look is like a restricted grep

The look command is for looking up if a word exists in /usr/share/dict/words file, at least for most users. But, as the man page defines: look — display lines beginning with a given string which means that, for example, this

Focus-stealing applications

I don’t like focus-stealing applications (and I bet that I’m not the only one)! They are like kids who are struggling for your attention while you ‘re working with something else, constantly interrupting your thoughts and work flow. Is it

3D: Desktop Describing Day

Our desktops are (like) our offices, right?Well, not for me friends! Although my 3D (i.e. real life) office is rather messy (at least for other people, not for me of course), my computer desktop is rather simple. I work usually

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