Unblock Jango playing


This post is somewhat out of topic, but I think that it will be useful to someone…

Jango is a startup, still in beta testing, which enables the user to create (and share with friends) specially made internet radio stations. The idea is very good and I decided to ask for an invitation to test the service.

My invitation arrived this morning, so I started creating my account and my first jango-music station, which I named “Classic Rock picks“. But I had a problem: the player could not be started and there was no indication about what went wrong!

I emailed jango’s feedback team and I got a very prompt reply with 3 possible reasons (thank you Cat). The third of them was actually the root of my problem, which was the blocking of the flash player by the Flashblock add-on for Firefox. All I had to do was to add the “www.jango.com” web address into the Flashblock’s permitted websites list and restart Firefox.

Jimi Hendrix greeted me singing “Foxy lady” 🙂

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Testing Opera Mini 4 beta simulator

Today I was testing the Opera Mini 4 beta simulator. It’s a nice, well built browser. It identifies itself as “Opera/9.50 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.0.8439/20; U; en)” and it renders correctly both images and non-Latin characters (at least, it worked ok with the Greek sites I tested). However, I didn’t liked a couple of things:

  • Why every URL must start with “www.” ?
  • Where is the Backspace key if I want to erase something I entered by mistake (or the “www.” prefix) ?

I wish I had an Internet-enabled mobile phone to download and test the real program and not only the simulator.

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