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Duplicity fails on 3GB /tmp

Backup application Duplicity has just filled up my /tmp, located on / partition with 3GB free space, during verification of a full backup and, finally, reported ‘failure’!After quitting Duplicity, I have 1GB less free space on my / partition. I

Think like a virus!

Not related to L.A.M.P. technologies, but a useful quote to remember if you are a net admin: As a network administrator, you have to think like a virus.How can I get into a network?Which points are the most vulnerable?Once in,

send mail to correct local host

After upgrading my previous server with a new one, I run a lot of migration scripts and update procedures to make sure that everything transferred OK and worked as expected. However, a little thing kept bugging me until today. Usually,

Always check your fingers while being root

Yesterday, while I was reading some very old magazine articles, I remembered a “horror” story that happened to me a long time ago, when I was learning to administer my first Sun Solaris system. It goes like this… I was

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