Some KDE tips 

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and, in case you ‘re working with KDE Desktop Environment, here are some tips on using it more productively. Some of them are very old, but still useful.

  • Let’s say you ‘re programming or writing a script and you don’t remember the syntax of a command. Bring up the command line (press Alt-F2), enter a hash (#) mark followed by the command name. The man page, in hyperlinked text, will open in Konqueror.
  • You can maximize windows in three different ways:
    • Click on maximize with the left mouse button to open to full screen.
    • Click on maximize with the middle mouse button to maximize only vertically.
    • For horizontal only, use the right mouse button.
  • Clicking on the title of a window with middle mouse button, pushes it behind the other windows, while it retains its focus. For example, when you ‘re editing a file, you can check the contents of another window while, in parallel, you can continue editing.
  • You can change the desktop wallpaper by dragging an image from a Konqueror window to the desktop and selecting “Set As Wallpaper”.

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