Split this e-mail [digest] message 

Some times we receive e-mail messages in a digest format, either from mailing lists or other informational newsletters. From these messages, occasionally, I want to keep just one paragraph or one message and throw away all the rest.

So I wrote a little PERL script, called “splitdigest.pl“, for doing that and I’m using it from inside Mutt just by pressing ‘Z’. It works like this:

  1. open ~/.muttrc file and append the following two lines after its last line:

    macro index Z |’~/bin/splitdigest.pl’nd
    macro pager Z |’~/bin/splitdigest.pl’nd

    (the above lines remap the key Z to (1) filter the body of the message through splitdigest script, which is located in my ~/bin directory and (2) delete the message)

  2. create a new file with your favorite editor and insert the following lines to it (just remember to replace username with your login name):
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    use diagnostics;
    my ($outfile, $line, $i, $k);
    my (@header, @body);
    $outfile = "/var/spool/mail/username";
    open PF, ">> $outfile" or die "Couldn't open $outfile for writing: $!n";
    push @header, "From username@localhost ",scalar(localtime()),"n";
    $i = 0; $k = 0;
    foreach $line () {
    if (($i==0) && ($line !~ /^$/)) { # read header
    if ($line =~ /^Content-Type: multipart/alternative; /) {
    $line = "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8n";
    push @header, $line if
    ($line =~ /^(From|Date|Subject|To|Message-ID|Content-Type|Content-Transfer-Encoding): /i);
    # read message body
    if ($i>0) { push @body, $line if ($line !~ /^$/); }
    # flush @body and restart with a new message
    if ($line =~ /^$/) {
    if ($#body > 0) {
    print PF @header, $line; # first print header
    print PF @body, $line; # then body
    @body = (); # finally flush body
    # in case the message ends with a non-null line, write the rest
    if ($#body > 0) { print PF @header,"n",@body,"n"; }
    close PF;
    print "$k messages found and written to file [$outfile]n";

  3. Save the file as “splitdigest.pl” in your ~/bin directory (or wherever you like) and make it executable with chmod:

    chmod +x ~/bin/splitdigest.pl

That’s all!

Additional information:

  • The code above splits the digests where there is a blank line in it, i.e. the separator is the blank line. With a little tweaking you can use a different separator.
  • I know that one can edit the whole message in Mutt by ‘e’diting it. I’m using this method for its speed and convenience.

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