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Show all my active WordPress plugins

Recently, I needed to get a list of every plugin that I’ve activated on all of my WordPress local-hosted blogs.So, instead of going to every blog’s dashboard and noting down the list of every active plugin, I decided to write

PHP: print a calendar fast

Say you need to fill a file or a sheet of paper (if you print the output) with a range of consecutive dates (or dates with equal space between them). Then, the following PHP one-liner might be handy some day:

Change photo extensions by content

Recently I had an interesting problem.  I had a lot of files in a directory, all photos, with their filenames messed up, especially their extensions.  So, in order to clear them and keep only the good ones, I had first

Formatting human readable numbers with PHP

One of my former colleagues, Athanassios Bakalidis, in his latest blog post “Java: Formatting a Number Using a Custom Format“, has written about number formatting in Java language. This post made me think about the ways we ‘re using to

Twit from PHP with cURL

There are cases you need to update a special Twitter feed to inform your visitors about something that has happened to your site. Then, this PHP function might be very useful if you add it in your functions arsenal: /*

Command-line PHP

Working with the command-line version of PHP can be very enlightening some times. For example, consider the following situations: Instead of having a test page with only phpinfo() in it, just to view PHP’s current settings, you can issue: php

PHP web-based resources

For a PHP programmer, I can recommend two web-based resources, full of useful information. PHP Classes has a vast amount of useful PHP packages in source code with examples. Chris Shiflett is a blogger who writes on advanced topics about

PHP: function is_me()

A very useful function to determine first if the visitor is the developer or not and then act accordingly. Code: /* check if client is me */function is_me(){ $ip=$_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”]; $br=$_SERVER[“HTTP_USER_AGENT”]; if (($ip==”″) and (strstr( $br, “Firefox”))) return true; return false;}

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