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“Bad request Error 400” for GMail on Firefox

For the last 2-3 days I had an unusual situation to deal with. Whenever I tried to visit my GMail account using Firefox, the response was: Bad requestError 400  At first I checked with the other browsers (Chrome, Opera and

No editor toolbar on WordPress

Just a quick note for me and anyone else with a similar problem: If the rich-text editor on a WordPress blog is not displayed correctly (i.e. no visible toolbar or no access to writing area — I recently had both

Think like a virus!

Not related to L.A.M.P. technologies, but a useful quote to remember if you are a net admin: As a network administrator, you have to think like a virus.How can I get into a network?Which points are the most vulnerable?Once in,

How to hide “Mark all as read” in new Google Reader

With the new redesign of Google Reader (the Google+ look-alike), I’ve noticed a new annoying behavior today. The “Mark all as read” in now a button that takes and keeps focus. This means that if you press it once with

How to hide the new Facebook news feed

In case you are using Firefox and you want to hide the new Facebook right-column news feed, here is a quick hack. At first, you need to install Stylish Stylus, if you don’t have it already. Add a new blank

How to forward a Google+ post to your email inbox

While we ‘re still waiting for the full Google+ API to be available in public, I recently asked in twitter for “an easy way to save GooglePlus posts for later reading or archiving” and this is the solution I found

Re-enabling Google FriendConnect gadgets

Re-enabling Google FriendConnect gadgets

In case you see blank boxes in your Firefox, instead of Google FriendConnect (GFC) gadgets, you can try searching the configuration window of the HTTPS Everywhere add-on. For me, it was the GoogleServices option, which I had to deactivate in

Show all my active WordPress plugins

Recently, I needed to get a list of every plugin that I’ve activated on all of my WordPress local-hosted blogs.So, instead of going to every blog’s dashboard and noting down the list of every active plugin, I decided to write

How to share an article from Google Reader to Google+

How to share an article from Google Reader to Google+

Just a quick tip for every Google Reader user who needs to share an interesting article with one or more of her Google+ Circles. Given that we have the Google+ share box on the top-right corner of GReader, the simplest

CRON error: grandchild failed with exit status 1 [Solution]

Just after I upgraded my Ubuntu to 10.10 version, I noticed some cron-related error messages in my /var/log/syslog file, like these: Jul  5 13:40:01 agriope2 CRON[971]: (CRON) error (grandchild #974 failed with exit status 1)Jul  5 13:50:01 agriope2 CRON[7775]: (CRON)

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